S2b Bonus Show - Top 10 Albums of 1983

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Jason and Eric celebrate the music of 1983 by choosing their personal top five albums from that year. Listen to get the scoop on each album and their history with each. To find their favorite album cuts on your favorite music service, use the link below: 

Jason's #5: "Saved By Zero" from The Fixx and their album Reach The Beach

Eric's #5: "Strike Zone" from Loverboy and their album Keep It Up

Jason's #4: "No Sign of Yesterday" from Men At Work and their album Cargo

Eric's #4: "Union of The Snake" from Duran Duran and their album Seven & The Ragged Tiger

Jason's #3: "Send Her My Love" from Journey and their album Frontiers

Eric's #3: "Too Late For Love" from Def Leppard and their album Pyromania

Jason's #2: "I Need You Tonight" from ZZ Top and their album Eliminator

Eric's #2: "Slick Black Cadillac" from Quiet Riot and their album Metal Health

Jason's #1: "Synchronicity II" from The Police and their album Synchronicity

Eric's #1: "(You Can Still) Rock In America" from Night Ranger and their album Midnight Madness

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Eric Vardeman
Eric Vardeman
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Jason Gross
Jason Gross
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S2b Bonus Show - Top 10 Albums of 1983
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